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2nd Stimulus Package,A Second Stimulus Check: Is It On The Way, And Is It Even,When is the next stimulus check coming|2020-07-19

when is the next stimulus check comingWill Americans Get A Second Stimulus Check?

In this difficult times ….I do cut coupons, every week and I am online all week looking for them too, I gave my mom my car and my husband and I now share a civic, great gas mileage.Also I am just frustrated becasue my kids, especially my soon to be 3 year old, says “I want Santa to bring me that for Christmas” and there really isn’t even any money for it.Food is expensive.He’s all too aware of the strong political message receiving direct help sends, evidenced by his delaying the first round of checks in order to ensure his signature went on the documents.I, like most others could really use this right now.More people will need MORE help and more desperately if the cannot maintain their lives NOW.I need to pay what could be turned off or lost like utilities, mortgage and taxes.

Opinion | Will There Be More Coronavirus Stimulus Checks …

I’m a chef of 21 years and barely make more than that in some of the dirtiest kitchens I’ve ever seen.We ended up spending it on bills, gas, and food until he could get another job.I, like most others could really use this right now.Myself included….Exceeding that threshold would slow the country’s growth, or worse, some experts thing.And we have 6 children and are worried about x=mas so yes we really need a second one and it should be way more then the last and no the government should bail us out all the time but they need to lower all the taxes and raise the pay of hard working americans we all deserve some kind of break it will never get better if they don’t make some changes and why should the congress get the same pay they make now when they retire we do not so why should they?.

2nd stimulus package updateWill Americans Get A Second Stimulus Check?

I would definitely spend this one some how.Well take your time Nancy, eat some ice cream while people can’t even get necessities or pay rent! And if I find out ONE illegal gets this money I will be FURIOUS! WE worked legally to get assistance not sponged off the government!.Earlier some one put this in, I totally agree.ESPECIALLY AROUND CHRISTMAS.Let us know what action you’ll take if you get a second check – in the comments below!.And trying to buy a home.00 just think of it as being pimped.NO!!!!! The second lady…sure if it’s for drugs… alcohol and gambling.I think a stimulus package like the one the banks received would sky rocket our economy.I mean elderly or disabled people need those kind of help.NO!!!!! The second lady…sure if it’s for drugs… alcohol and gambling.

Will There Be Another COVID-19 Stimulus Check? | The …

Even though gas is down bills are up.This will one day bite you in the but and when it does I hope you think of me and my family.00 a month income.I had to tell my children that they weren’t getting anything for christmas this year.We definitely need multiple stimulus checks and all this needs to be charged back to China since they cause this pandemic think trump needs to send them the Bill for this l wouldn’t mine filling suit against China for what they are putting us through.We hadn’t been on a family vacation for 10 years.1st the issue of SSA if you cut SS 24% I can’t take care of my 3 year old great granddaughter I have custody of I’m 63 barely able to make ends meet I put food up and paid up my essential bills first.We can careless about the spring cause that is when we get our tax money anyways.

2nd stimulus package updateWill Americans Get A Second Stimulus Check?

I’m not judging, but I’ve been told people keeping having children to get more welfare benefits.Any references to third party products, rates, or websites are subject to change without notice.Does no one care that you children will probably be paying off the ‘stimulus’ when they are adults at the rate we are going?.Why stash away my life’s earnings to make a legacy on earth that won’t matter one bit to me when I’m dead.The only question is how do we pick our selves back up another check is not the answer it may boost the american morale for a short time but it is no answer to the problem.They have and own 2-3 homes aroud the country as well as out of this country, their children atttend the best schools while ours are lucky to get a loan to go on to school and hopefully be able to get and have a better life.

Will There Be Another COVID-19 Stimulus Check? | The …

So as to the check I would invest.Hearing about such expenditures for political candidates hair cuts doesn’t sit very well with “regular Americans” who are worrying about paying for their basic needs or how they will manage to get by when they’ve lost their jobs in the current economic situation we’re in.We have a 13% interest rate on our house, payment of over $1300 and the gov’t gives all this money out but the companies (CHASE) are not willing to help their current borrowers out, this is why there are so many forclosures, we make our house and utility payments but cc are jsut not being paid.I know this isn’t like trying to support a family, but it’s still very important to us.I live on the edge of Tulsa and I need to go pay bills and get groceries or go to the doctors office.“In addition, we have received a grant for over $900,000, which was part of the CARES ACT for Telehealth, that technology has become very important in terms of how we care for patients,” Keroack added.

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